I have worked in the Funeral industry since 2000 and have served many families in their time of need in Brisbane Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and surrounds…

Saying farewell to our loved ones is perhaps the most important event in life in regard to family coming together and paying their respects.  We only have one opportunity to say farewell and do it well.

Listening and communicating has always been one of my strengths, and I have the ability to build strong connections and relationships with people. I have  had extensive experience and understanding of Indigenous and cultural events and will always ensure services are conducted in accordance with traditions, customs and rituals.

If you are planning a funeral, memorial service or giving a loved one their final farewell, I can, in conjunction with the funeral director, guide you, support you and deliver a service befitting the occasion.

When it comes to those special needs at the time of the most important moments in life, talk to me..... I will dedicate my time, expertise and guidance to provide you with an event to remember.